Nashville's 35 Most Iconic Murals and Where to Find Them

Brighten up your weekend walks with a tour of the city's most striking artistic mural designs.

Date Updated: June 14, 2023



Lee Estes Silo mural in the Nations

The famous silo mural in the Nations

If you’re looking for some creative inspiration, look no further than the streets of Nashville. With the rise of Nashville as a global city and technologies like Instagram allowing people to share images of cool things, Nashville’s mural scene has completely exploded. Music City can get expensive, but going on a self-guided art tour is absolutely free and you’ll easily discover something new each time. A good thing about these murals is that if you find one, you’ll be just around the corner from another. Check out the artists that see Nashville as a canvas and express the history, concerns and aspirations of this community through their work via murals and street art.

Places displayed in geographic order

  • 1. Young Warlords
  • 2. “What Lifts You” - Hot-Air Baloon
  • 3. Dolly
  • 4. Greetings from the Athens of the South
  • 5. Go Slay All the Dragons
  • 6. Country Music Legends
  • 7. Municipal Auditrorium Tickets
  • 8. As Long As the Grass Shall Grow
  • 9. The Only Way To Go Is Up
  • 10. Revive
  • 11. Rone
  • 12. One Day I Will Rescue Your Brother Too
  • 13. Harmony
  • 14. The Kind Mural
  • 15. For the Gram
  • 16. Candy Hearts
  • 17. “What Lifts You” - Wings
  • 18. Untitled
  • 19. Love Y'all
  • 20. Zanies “Comedy Legends”
  • 21. Nashville Look's Good On You
  • 22. Just a Few Gents
  • 23. I Believe in Nashville
  • 24. 12 South Flowers
  • 25. Make Music Not War
  • 26. Looking Pretty, Music City
  • 27. Hillsboro Village
  • 28. Molly Green
  • 29. Hillsboro Village Dragon
  • 30. Drippy Lips
  • 31. Hieroglyphics on West End
  • 32. Off The Wall
  • 33. Wish for Peace
  • 34. Kobe and Gianna Bryant
  • 35. Silo
"Young Warlords" mural of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at Capital City Computers
"Young Warlords" mural of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates on Gallatin Ave.
1. Young Warlords
Neighborhood: East Nashville Location: 1106 Gallatin Pike (Capital City Computers) Artist: Brian Deese Year Created: 2017

This eye-catching mural features iconic images of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. The mural was commissioned when Capital City Computers, a locally-owned computer shop, moved to East Nashville in 2017. Come here to get your computer fixed and check out some great art!

The massive Cleo "What Lifts You" baloon mural
Cleo balloon mural and street
2. "What Lifts You" - Hot-Air Baloon
Neighborhood: East Nashville Location: 1034 W Eastland Ave. (Side of the Cleo) Artist: Kelsey Montague Year Created: 2018

This is well-known muralist Kelsey Montague’s tallest mural at over 60 feet tall. It’s her second “What Lift’s You” mural in Nashville after the iconic “What Lift’s You” wings in the Gulch, featured later in this article.

Dolly Parton "Black Lives Matter" mural
Dolly Parton mural at Hip Zipper
3. Dolly
Neighborhood: East Nashville Location: 1006 Forrest Ave. (In front of The Hip Zipper) Artist: Kim Radford

Just as artist Kim Radford was finishing the mural, Dolly was quoted as saying “I understand people having to make themselves known and felt and seen, and of course Black lives matter. Do we think our little white a---- are the only ones that matter? No!”. This inspired Radford to incorporate the BLM movement into the mural.

"Greetings from Athens" mural
"Greetings from Athens" mural and street view
4. Greetings from the Athens of the South
Neighborhood: East Nashville Location: 704 Main Street (Greko Street Food) Artist: Mobe Oner Year Created: 2018

Nashville has long been nicknamed “The Athens of the South”. This mural features many Nashville institutions framed in the Athens letters of the mural. The “A” features the symbols for sports teams the Nashville Sounds, Predators and Tennessee Titans. The “T” features Greko Greek Street Food, a great local restaurant who commissioned the mural. The “H” features the Parthenon at Centennial Park. The “E” features the iconic signs of The Stage and Jacks BBQ on Broadway. The “N” features the Nashville Skyline at sunset. The “S” features the “Musica” sculpture by Nashville artist Alan LeQuire at the Music Row roundabout in Midtown.

Slay Dragons mural close up
Slay Dragons mural and street
5. Go Slay All the Dragons
Neighborhood: East Nashville Location: 1224 Lischey Ave. Artist: Kim Radford Year Created: 2019

The Slay Dragons mural features lyrics from the song “Dragons” by Nashville based band Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors who commissioned the piece.

"Country Music Legends" mural at Legends bar
6. Country Music Legends
Neighborhood: Downtown Location: 428 Broadway (Legends Corner Bar) Artist: Tim Davis Year Created: 2016

This piece shows how country artists from every era are welcome to sit at the country music table. Taylor Swift was once a part of this mural as shown, but controversially has been painted over for Brad Paisley. Sorry Swifties.

Concert tickets mural
Municipal Auditorium tickets mural from sidewalk
7. Municipal Auditrorium Tickets
Neighborhood: Downtown Location: 417 4th Ave. N (East side of Auditorium) Artist: Unknown Year Created: 2016

The oldest ticket on this mural is from April 4, 1965 a Peter, Paul & Mary show, the newest is a Lady A ticket from February 22, 2012.

"As Long As" mural
"As Long As" mural alleyway
8. As Long As the Grass Shall Grow
Neighborhood: Downtown Location: 144 Fifth Ave. N (L & C Garage) Artist: Niels Shoemeulman Year Created: 2016

This mural features artist Neils Shoe Meulman’s unique “Caliligrafiti” style. The words are from the chorus of the song “As Long as the Grass Shall Grow” written by Peter LaFarge and performed by Johnny Cash on his 1964 album Bitter Tears: Ballads of the American Indian. It’s a reference to the broken promises in many of the treaties signed between the United States and Native Americans.

"Arrows" mural alleyway view
"Arrows" mural in downtown Nashville
9. The Only Way To Go Is Up
Neighborhood: Downtown Location: 144 Fifth Ave. N (Alleyway between Church and Commerce) Artist: Tavar Zawacki Year Created: 2016

This mural represents the artist once known as “ABOVE” evolving and pealing away his previous moniker to be known as his real name.

Blush mural and Batman Building
10. Revive
Neighborhood: Downtown Location: 144 5th Ave. N (Above Blush Boutique) Artist: Beau Stanton Year Created: 2017

“Revive” is the work of Brooklyn-based artist Beau Stanton. This mural is meant to bring attention to the waterways of Middle Tennessee and the value they bring to the area.

"Rone" mural and leaves from tree
"Rone" mural in downtown Nashville
11. Rone
Neighborhood: Downtown Location: Church St. between 5th and 6th Ave (East Side of Cornerstone building) Artist: Rone Year Created: 2016

Australian artist Tyrone Wright aka RONE is famous for his portraits of solitary women. His work can be found in New York, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Amsterdam, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and more.

Animal rescue mural in downtwon Nashville
Dog mural and flowers
12. One Day I Will Rescue Your Brother Too
Neighborhood: Downtown Location: 6th Ave. between Church St. and Union St. (Cornerstone building) Artist: Herakut Year Created: 2017
Harmony mural Germantown
Harmony mural and street
13. Harmony
Neighborhood: Germantown Location: 1120 4th Ave. N Artist: Ty Christian Year Created: 2017

Nashville-based artist Ty Christian created this mural which blends different skin colors on a baby's face above the word “HARMONY”.

"Kindness Is..." mural in Germantown
"Kindness Is..." mural across street
14. The Kind Mural
Neighborhood: Germantown Location: 1120 4th Ave. N Artist: Rebekah Rinehart and Sarah Gail Nelson Year Created: 2017

The Kind Way is a social movement founded by South Dakota natives Rebekah Rinehart and Sarah Gail Nelson. Fittingly located on the same wall as the “HARMONY” mural above The Kind Way’s mission is to empower the world to see what’ possible when we choose to live in harmony over ignorance and fear.

"I Love Nashville" sign at Five Daughters Bakery at L&L Market
Barista Parlor "For the Gram" Mural
15. For the Gram
Neighborhood: Germantown Location: 1230 4th Ave. N (Side of Barista Parlor) Artist: forBecks Year Created: 2018

Chris Tidwell is known around Nashville for his pop-art style. His murals titled “For The Gram” which depict an Instagram Like can be found throughout Nashville. The first in the series was painted on the side of Franklin Juice Company in 12 South.

"Candy Hearts" mural in Nashville
"Candy Hearts" mural and parking space
16. Candy Hearts
Neighborhood: The Gulch Location: 601 8th Ave. S (Side of Finnleys) Artist: Bryson Leach Year Created: 2020

This mural, sponsored by The Bach Party, a bachelorette planning service and Finnley’s Boutique is especially attractive to Bachelorette Parties. If you’re planning on getting a photo-op at this mural we recommend coming at a non-standard time as parked cars at Finnley’s can get in the way of the shot.

"What Lifts You" wings in the Gulch
"What Lifts You" wings from across the street
17. "What Lifts You" - Wings
Neighborhood: The Gulch Location: 302 11th Ave. S Artist: Kelsey Montague Year Created: 2016

One of Nashville’s most iconic murals, the “What Lifts You” wings in the Gulch at peak times often has a line of people waiting for the chance to take their picture in flight. At the time this mural was created, it was artist Kelsey Montague’s largest at over 20 feet tall. She has since gone on to create a number of murals many much larger than this all over the world.

Colorful wall mural in the Gulch
Giant colorful wall in the Gulch
18. Untitled
Neighborhood: The Gulch Location: 299 11th Ave. S Artist: Jason Woodside Year Created: 2017

Jason Woodside is a New York based artist who created this mural in collaboration with Nashville’s Nathan Brown. Woodside is known for his use of bold colors, patterns and shapes. His murals are featured in major cities around the world including Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Madrid, Tokyo, Sydney and London.

Love Y'all mural closeup
Love Y'all mural in alleyway
19. Love Y'all
Neighborhood: WeHo Location: 2020 Lindell Ave (Side of Pencil & Paper Co.) Artist: Joseph Ernst Year Created: 2018
Zanies' comedians mural
20. Zanies "Comedy Legends"
Neighborhood: 8th Ave Location: 2025 8th Ave S. (Side of Zanies) Artist: Unknown Year Created: 2020
"Nashville Looks Good On You" sign 12 South
"Nashville Looks Good On You" mural in Frothy Monkey's parking lot
21. Nashville Looks Good On You
Neighborhood: 12 South Location: 2509 12 Ave. S (Behind Frothy Monkey) Artist: Year Created: 2018

This mural is a trademark of the brand TheNash.TN. The slogan is featured on many walls around Nashville in a number of different settings. You can shop Nash.TN merch at their website above.

"Just a Few Gents" mural in 12 South
Animal Gentleman in 12 South alleyway
22. Just a Few Gents
Neighborhood: 12 South Location: 2318 12 Ave S. Artist: Jared Freihofer Year Created: Unknown

“Just a Few Gents” is hidden away down an alleyway in 12 South, and often passed by pedestrians walking the popular 12 South neighborhood. It’s the work of painter and illustrator Jared Freihofer who specializes in mixed media portraits.

"I Believe in Nashville"
Famous "I Believe in Nashville" mural in 12 South alleyway
23. I Believe in Nashville
Neighborhood: 12 South Location: 2700 12 Ave. S (Wall of 12 South Dental Studio) Artist: Adrien Saporiti Year Created: 2012

Music City’s best known slogan and mural is the work of Nashville native Adrien Saporiti. Saporiti is an artist, musician and designer of Vietnamese decent who’s work has been seen around the world. The slogan was influenced by a trip he made with his mother to Vietnam where he witnessed Victor Hugo’s words “Amour et Justice” written on the pillar of a temple. Saporiti states “I saw that, and I really, just really loved the phrasing of it. “Love and Justice,” “I Believe in Nashville,” they’re the kinds of things it’s hard to refute. You have to kind of be a jerk.”

"Make Music Not War" sign
"Make Music Not War" mural in 12 South
24. Make Music Not War
Neighborhood: 12 South Location: 2902 12 Ave. S Artist: Relax Max Apperal Year Created: 2016

Nashville artist and designer Allan Geiger enjoys creating messages of “simplicity with a rock and roll flare” as you can see in his “Make Music Not War” mural.

Flower mural in 12 South
Flower mural on building in 12 South
25. 12 South Flowers
Neighborhood: 12 South Location: 2902 12 Ave. S Artist: Unknown Year Created: Unknown

Little is known about the origin or story of this flower mural, and we think that’s pretty cool.

"Looking Pretty Music City" sign in Nashville
"Looking Pretty Music City" mural in 12 South
26. Looking Pretty, Music City
Neighborhood: 12 South Location: 2709 12 Ave S. (Corner of 12 Ave. S and Dallas Ave.) Artist: Emily Eisenhart Year Created: 2020

This mural is a celebration of creativity in Nashville and is in support of arts and music programs in Nashville Metro Public Schools.

Hillsboro Village mural
Hillsboro Village mural and street
27. Hillsboro Village
Neighborhood: Hillsboro Village Location: 1602 21 Ave. S (Kay Bob's Grill & Ale) Artist: Andee Rudloff Year Created: 2012
Batman Building mural at Molly Green
Molly Green mural of Batman Building and horse
28. Molly Green
Neighborhood: Hillsboro Village Location: 1721 21st Ave S. (Side of Molly Green) Artist: Tarabella Aversa Year Created: 2021
Hillsboro Village Dragon head
Hillsboro Village Dragon tail
29. Hillsboro Village Dragon
Neighborhood: 12 South Location: 2709 12 Ave S. (Corner of 12 Ave. S and Dallas Ave.) Artist: Emily Eisenhart Year Created: 2020
"Drippy Lips" mural at Fido in Hillsboro Village
"Drippy Lips" mural in Nashville alleyway next to Fido
30. Drippy Lips
Neighborhood: Hillsboro Village Location: 1814 21st Ave S. (Side of UAL) Artist: Donald "Drawbertson" Robertson Year Created: 2019
Three Brothers coffee mural on West End
Three Brothers Coffee glyph mural and sign
31. Hieroglyphics on West End
Neighborhood: West End Location: 2813 West End Ave.(Three Brothers Coffee) Artist: Adrien Saporiti Year Created: 2016
"It's Gonna Be Ok" mural in Nashville
"Off The Wall" very long mural on Charlotte Ave.
32. Off The Wall
Neighborhood: Charlotte Location: 3020 Charlotte Ave Artist: Sarah Tate, Kevin Bongang, Kyle Brooks, Joseph Perez (among others) Year Created: 2018
"Wish For Peace" mural at Hugh Baby's in Nashville
"Wish For Peace" mural with Richland Park in the background
33. Wish for Peace
Neighborhood: Sylvan Park Location: 4816 Charlotte Ave (At Hugh-Baby’s) Artist: Jake Elliott Year Created: 2018
Kobe Bryant mural in the Nations
Kobe Bryant mural at Red Bicycle Coffee
34. Kobe and Gianna Bryant
Neighborhood: The Nations Location: 712 51st Ave N. (Red Bicycle Coffee & Crepes) Artist: Olasubomi Aka-Bashorun Year Created: 2020
The iconic abandoned silo mural in Nashville
Kids painted on side of silo
35. Silo
Neighborhood: The Nations Location: 1499 51st Ave N. Artist: Guido Van Helten Year Created: 2017

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