The Nations

Best For: The Silo Mural

The Nations famous silo mural on a cloudy day
The Nations neighborhood highlighted on a map of Nashville

The Nations, located around five miles west of downtown, is one of Nashville’s fastest growing neighborhoods. The Nations contains a mix of old residential communities and new and trendy mixed-use developments. Many great local restaurants and places have opened here in recent years from breweries like Fat Bottom to restaurants like Frothy Monkey and Nicky’s Coal Fired among others.

Our favorite Nashville mural is located in the Nations. It’s a stunning 200 foot tall graphic by Australian artist Guido Van Helton on the side of an abandoned concrete silo on the Nations west side. The mural depicts a 93 year old long-time resident of the Nations, Lee Estes, and a young boy looking out over the neighborhood.

A cloudy day at White Bison in the Nations White Bison Coffee
Frothy Monkey in the Nations at night Frothy Monkey
Photo: @frothymonkey
A tall skinny house in the Nations The Nations architecture
Stocking 51 Stocking 51
Nicky's Coal Fired in the Nations garden Nicky's Coal Fired
Photo: @saragasbarra
Tall house in the Nations The Nations architecture
"Nashville Strong" sign at Project 615 Project 615
The Nations Bar and Grill The Nations Bar and Grill
Beautiful sunset at Daddy's Dogs in the Nations Daddy's Dogs
Frothy Monkey's coffee bar in the Nations Frothy Monkey
Photo: @skin_pharm
The Nations silo mural The Nations silo mural
Kobe Bryant mural in the Nations Red Bicycle Coffee


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