Sylvan Park

Best For: Neighborhood Walks

Sylvan Park view of traffic circle during the fall
The Sylvan Park neighborhood highlighted on a map of Nashville

Sylvan Park, where the streets have state names, is a lovely neighborhood on Nashville's west side close enough to still be in the city but far enough away to provide some peace and quiet. Largely residential although surrounded on all sides by big commercial streets, Sylvan Park contains mostly older, arts and crafts style homes. Sylvan Park features McCabe Park, the Richland Creek Greenway and McCabe Golf Course where locals can be spotted enjoying a walk or a round outside. Murphy Road which runs directly through the middle of Sylvan Park is the neighborhoods main source of commerce although many places that reside on the neighborhoods borders also serve the community.

Exterior view of Sylvan Supply Sylvan Supply
Photo: @sylvansupply
Outside of Answer in Sylvan Park Answer
Hattie B's truck in front of their Sylvan Park lvoation Hattie B's
McCabe Pub sign McCabe Pub
Photo: @mccabepub
McCabe Greenway red tower on walking path McCabe Greenway
Photo: @ejlegrair
Otto's interior in Sylvan Park Otto's
Photo: @katiehalm
Hathorne's beautiful interior in Sylvan Park Hathorne
Star Bagel bagel outsie of restaurant in Sylvan Park Star Bagel
HQ Nashville's storefront Headquarters Coffee
Wish For Peace mural Wish for Peace
A wooden bridge on a path of the Richland Creek Greenway Richland Creek Greenway
A barbecue sandwich at Edley's with mac and cheese Edley's Bar-B-Que
Richland Creek Greenway path beautiful view Richland Creek Greenway
Photo: @monkeytrent
Outside of Cafe Nonna in Sylvan Park Cafe Nonna
Elle Gray in Sylvan Park's exterior with baloons Elle Gray
Pancho and Lefty's Sylvan Park exterior Pancho and Lefty's Cantina
Five Point's Pizza Sylvan Park pepperoni slice Five Points Pizza
A man playing golf at McCabe Golf Course Golfing at McCabe
Otaku Ramen Sylvan Park storefront Otaku Ramen
Photo: @sylvansupply
Riding a bike down McCabe Greenway McCabe Greenway
Photo: @annacratty
Otto's patio in Sylvan Park Otto's patio


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