Where to Go Vintage Clothing Shopping in Nashville

Pick up fashion items from past decades, vintage dresses and more at Nashville's retro clothing shops.

Date Updated: June 4, 2023



Inside Black Shag in East Nashville

Inside Black Shag in East Nashville

There's nothing like walking out of your favorite vintage spot with bags bursting to the brim with unique finds only you'll be wearing. There's a reason vintage pieces are so coveted. They've already stood the test of time, proving themselves to be unforgettable staples in any wardrobe. Lucky for you, Music City has a great selection of vintage boutiques. Whether you’re searching for something that’s a little bit country or a little bit rock n' roll you’ll be sure to find it at one of our favorite vintage shops below.

Places displayed in geographic order

  • 1. Old Made Good
  • 2. East Nashville Antiques
  • 3. Anaconda Vintage
  • 4. Black Shag Vintage
  • 5. Star Struck Vintage
  • 6. The Hip Zipper
  • 7. Savant Vintage
Ole Made Good vintage flag and hats
Old Made Good's funky interior
1. Old Made Good
Neighborhood: East Nashville

Old Made Good or OMG is a great vintage shop that features carefully curated furniture pieces, classic vintage clothing and one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. All items at OMG are either vintage or locally made. Located behind Wallpaper and Designer Consignment, just off the corner of Gallatain and Hart in East Nashville, OMG didn’t have a sign until recently and might not look like much from outside, but inside the store is actually pretty big, has an awesome golden glitter floor and is definitely a spot any vintage shopper in Nashville should check out.

2. Anaconda Vintage
Neighborhood: East Nashville

Anaconda Vintage is an East Nashville store that features a wide range of mens and women’s clothing as well as sunglasses, handbags, apothecary, jewelry and home goods. Prices are generally affordable here and they have a lot of items available.

East Nashville Antiques vendor stand
East Nashville Antiques interior
3. East Nashville Antiques
Neighborhood: East Nashville

East Nashville Antiques is a large marketplace that offers a wide array of curious, collectibles, and hard to find retro items. The shop, which was formerly located on 8th Ave. moved to the east side in 2021. Clothing is by no means the only thing you’ll find here but there’s definitely enough of it to make this list.

Some clothes and a cactus inside Black Shag
Records and clothes for sale at Black Shag
4. Black Shag
Neighborhood: East Nashville

Established in 2016, Black Shag Vintage is a fabulous vintage clothing store housed in a Historic Fire Station in East Nashville. The collection is meticulously curated by owner, Tommy Daley and includes over 500 True Vintage Concert T shirts. Black Shag stocks a full line of women’s and men’s vintage fashions. In stock you will find denim, leather, outerwear, boots, accessories, jewelry, dresses, jackets, hats, and random curiosities. Black Shag has been featured in a number of publications and TV shows and is a favorite of many celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Harry Styles.

Star Struck Vintage Elvis statue and lots of clothes on circluar racks
Star Struck Vintage boots and jackets against a wall
5. Star Struck Vintage
Neighborhood: East Nashville

Star Struck Vintage is an East Nashville store with NYC roots that provides a wonderfully curated collection of vintage gear for the whole family. The 3,000 square foot shop, founded by Shane Markus, doesn’t just offer clothes of one particular niche but has a wide ranging selection across different eras and themes. Whether it’s a bedazzled 70’s suit, a 90’s basketball jersey, a 60’s onesie for your 3-year old or really whatever else you can think of, Star Struck’s wide collection will have something for you.

Hip Zipper interior of store
Dolly Parton mural outside The Hip Zipper
6. The Hip Zipper
Neighborhood: East Nashville

The Hip Zipper is Nashville’s oldest vintage clothing shop open in East Nashville since 1999. They’ve been voted best vintage shop in the Nashville Scene 12 times and are known for having great quality at reasonable prices. Don’t miss the amazing Dolly Parton mural in front of the shop!

7. Savant Vintage
Neighborhood: 12 South

Established in 2003, Savant Vintage is a store located in a little black cottage on 12 South that sells hand-picked vintage clothing, shoes and accessories for men and women as well as home goods. Prices can get a little high here but if you’re searching for unique and well cared for items this is a great spot. A little bit country and a little bit rock and roll, Savant embodies Nashville’s vintage culture. No store in Nashville makes better use of their space.

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