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Germantown aerial view
The Germantown neighborhood highlighted on a map of Nashville

One of Nashville's oldest neighborhoods is the quaint and lovely Germantown which sits just north of downtown and spans a grand total of 18 city blocks. Germantown was designated as a historic community by the National Register of Historic Places in 1979 and features many attractions such as the Nashville Farmer's Market, the Tennessee State Museum, First Horizons Park and the beautiful Bicentennial Park. Germantown is known not just for its walkable brick sidewalks and classic victorian charm but also for the number of great restaurants that call the neighborhood home. The neighborhood is called Germantown because of the many European immigrants who moved here in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Henrietta Red gorgeous interior Henrietta Red
Bicentennial Park in Germantown Aerial view Bicentennial Park
Photo: @lopusnak
Holding up a Band Box drink at First Horizon Park in Germantown Nashville First Horizon Park
A tree in the fall at Bicentennial Park's amphitheater Bicentennial Park
THe beautiful interior of Barista Parlor Germantown Barista Parlor
Photo: @roxwithlox
Jacqueline at the Optimist Jacqueline at the Optimist
Kindness Is mural Kingness Is mural
Rolf and Daughter's patio under the lights in Germantown Rolf and Daughters
A charming old house in Germantown Nashville Germantown architecture
A modern building in Nashville's Germantown neighborhood Germantown architecture
Butchertown Hall's beautiful interior in Germantown Butchertown Hall
Plants at Foiled and Fern in Germantown Nashville Foiled and Fern
Side view of Monell's sign in Germantown Monell's
Beautiful fall tree in Germantown Fall in Germantown
A charming condo in Germantown A condo in Germantown
Bicentennial Park fall Bicentennial Park
City House interior City House
A gorgeous path during Fall in Germantown Fall in Germantown


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