Prince's Hot Chicken Shack

  • Restaurant
  • Hot Chicken
  • Historic

5814 Nolensville Pike
Nashville, TN 37211

  • Monday-Saturday, 11 am - 10 pm
  • Sunday, Closed

Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack is true restaurant royalty in Nashville. They’ve been serving their iconic hot chicken since they first came up with the recipe in 1935 and perhaps Nashville’s most enduring gift to the culinary world is this hot chicken. Many places in town now offer hot chicken or even specialize in it thanks to Prince’s famous creation. Prince’s is a family owned spot and as legend goes their hot chicken was created as a way to trick a womanizing uncle whose lady friend wanted revenge. Prince’s is a cash only spot. “This is not a boring chicken, it’s a passionate food.” “The next best thing to Prince’s chicken is the blood of Jesus.”

Prince's interior
Photo: @ladylolinda
Prince's chicken and fires
Photo: @nosh_ville

Other Locations

Prince's has one other location at 5th and Broadway.