Santa's Pub

  • Berry Hill
  • Activity
  • Dive Bar
  • Bar
  • Karaoke
  • Live Music
  • Creative
  • Wednesday-Sunday, 4 pm - 3 am
  • Monday-Tuesday, Closed

2225 Bransford Ave.
Nashville, TN 37204

Photo: @garyvales

Santa’s Pub is a karaoke and dive bar set in a double-wide that has a reputation for being a place where the beer is always cold and the atmosphere is always warm. The owner, Santa himself, can be found any given night here tending the bar (which only serves beer), directing the karaoke or just hanging out. Santa’s is a cash only spot (there’s an ATM outside) and beers are as cheap as $2 dollars. Nashville has a lot of cool dive bars and a lot of great karaoke bars...Santa's finds itself among the best on both lists.

Santa's exterior from side
Photo: @hotwangzz
Santa's Pub exterior featuring clouds
Photo: @garyvales
Guys doing karaoke at Santa's Pub
Photo: @avruchicago
Feliz Navidad sign inside Santa's Pub
Photo: @kevin__iso
A cowboy singer at Santa's Pub
Photo: @jacekartye
The porch area at Santa's Pub
Photo: @hotwangzz
Santa's Pub outside at night
Photo: @xan.traveler
Santa's Pub guys doing karaoke
Photo: @sarahkatbeee
Snowman at Santa's Pub
Photo: @sarahkatbeee
A mural at Santa's Pub
Photo: @garyvales

Other Locations

None. Santa's Pub is a true Nashville original.